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Why Was al-Awlaki Denied His Constitutional Rights as an American Citizen?

Everyone understands that Anwar al-Awlaki was denied his constitutional rights as an American citizen. The question is, why? Read More »

A Return to the Gold Standard is a Must

The gold standard is not only constitutional, it is necessary to cure what's ailing our economy. Read More »

Revisionism is Alive and Well

In the final analysis, Ronald Reagan was a big government liberal. Read More »

Will Hurricane Irene be a Blessing in Disguise?

Bastiat is correct, Krugman is wrong, destruction is not a boon to the economy. Read More »

Ron Paul is the Only One

Wanted: a new president with an understanding of economics, knowledge of international affairs, and a dedication to constitutional rights. Read More »

We Can’t Afford to Raise the Debt Ceiling

Obama was correct to reject raising the debt ceiling in 2006. Read More »

Western Imperialism Strikes Again

The invasion of Libya is about imperialism not protection of civilians. Read More »

What Obama Should Have Said

As I was reading President Obama's speech last week, I dozed off into a glorious daydream. Read More »

“Where’s the Beef”?

After Osama bin Laden was killed, why wasn't his body displayed for verification. Read More »

Bernanke is Still Clueless

Ben Bernanke has been consistently wrong in the past. Why does anybody listen to him anymore? Read More »