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The So-Called Presidential Debates Are a Waste of Time

The Obama/Romney showdown avoided the most important issues. Read More »

Romney’s Lack of Judgment and Hypocrisy

Romney is unfit to be president. Read More »

The End is Nigh

Financial collapse is just around the corner. Read More »

Old Beliefs Die Hard

Either because of emotions or socialization, old beliefs die hard. Read More »

How the Supreme Court Should Have Ruled

The Affordable Care Act is unconstitutional regardless of the Supreme Court's ruling. Read More »

America’s Lost Decades

With median net worth back to 1992 levels, Americans may still be facing two more decades of sluggish economic growth. Read More »

Obama Has Been on a Spending Binge

It is ridiculous to think Obama is not a big spender. Read More »

The Welfare State has Destroyed California’s Economy

California is insolvent: dismantling the massive welfare state is the only solution. Read More »

Chalk Up Another One for Gun Owners

Last Thursday in Salt Lake City, Utah, a gun toting citizen single-handedly ended the stabbing spree of a knife wielding maniac. Read More »

The Pot Calls the Kettle Black

Department of Justice lawsuit against Apple and others is incredible hypocrisy. Read More »