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Obama Violates the First Amendment

Americans should be outraged that the Obama administration would attempt to violate the First Amendment by silencing critics. Read More »

Peter Schiff for U.S. Senate

Peter Schiff's candidacy for the U.S. Senate in Connecticut offers voters in that state an opportunity to vote for real change. Read More »

Dennis Kucinich: Advocating Non-Existent Constitutional Rights

Congressman Kucinich proposes a new non-existent constitutional right. Read More »

Non-Existent Rights Have Bankrupted America

Non-existent rights have bankrupted America. Read More »

Obama Couldn’t Care Less What America Thinks

The White House is adept at squelching health care debate. Read More »

A History of Cost Overruns Should Squash Government-Run Health Care

Government-run health care is a financial boondoggle waiting to happen. Read More »

The End of Slavery, Equal Rights and Abolishing the Fed are not Radical Ideas

Alleviate financial suffering by abolishing the Fed. Read More »

Government’s Benevolence Equals Higher Costs

Government cannot make things more affordable. Healthcare reform will be a disaster. Read More »

The Minimum Wage is Subterfuge, Repeal It!

It is bad policy to raise the minimum wage at a time when people are losing their jobs. Read More »

Uncle Sam is a Subprime Deadbeat

The United States’ government is broke, propped up only by a cabal of legal counterfeiters. Read More »