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When Will Americans Learn that Blowback is Real?

Americans will continue to live under the threat of terrorism until they learn blowback is real. Read More »

Economic Fallacy: Minimum Wage Doesn’t Cause Unemployment

At a time of high unemployment, raising the minimum wage is irresponsible. Read More »

The Dow Is an Indicator of Price Inflation

Price inflation is real in spite of what Keynesians claim. Read More »

This Time it’s Bernanke’s Housing Bubble

Ben Bernanke is making the same mistake as his predecessor. Read More »

Highways and Roads in a Free Society

One of the biggest questions raised against a totally free society is, who would build roads and regulate their use? Read More »

Gap Between Rich and Poor Rooted in Government Policy

There is no recovery, just the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer. Read More »

Thoughts About the Connecticut Killings

Parents in Newtown, Connecticut aren't the only ones to lose children. Read More »

The Fiscal Cliff is in Our Rearview Mirror

It's too late to prevent the fiscal cliff. Read More »

Another Unintended Consequence

Price controls are responsible for gasoline shortages in the Northeast. Read More »

It’s Not Nice to Fool the Free Market

Statist economic policies always bite politicians in the rear. Read More »