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Macromedia Offers Assistance For Internet Explorer Changes

Macromedia has launched what they call Active Content Development Center which has a lot of information about the changes to Internet Exploder. And as much as we (myself in particular) don’t like Exploder, the majority of Web users use Exploder. This new site offers a lot, including a great overview (Flash) of the changes as well as a great audio ... Read More »

New iPod and iTunes Software

We all knew that the iTMS for Windows was coming. We did not know what great new features were coming for it though. We also did not know about the new version of the iPod software (2.1). This new iPod software fixes the one thing that annoys me the most. The backlight can now have a custom timer, set to ... Read More »

SideTrack for your Trackpad

From the developer’s site: SideTrack is a replacement driver for the trackpad (touchpad) found on Apple PowerBooks and iBooks. It brings many of the trackpad scrolling features found on Windows laptops to MacOS X. Most Windows laptops implement trackpad scrolling using drivers made by Synaptics. Although Apple PowerBooks also use Synaptics trackpads, the standard Apple driver uses none of the ... Read More »

iTunes Music Store too late?

Is the iTunes Music Store (iTMS) for Windows too late? I think it is. I think they needed to come out with it either right before BuyMusic.com launched, or right after. Now Napster 2.0 is coming, there is also MusicMatch, and Rhapsody (listen.com) that was recently bought by RealNetworks. I think this is another case where Apple is too little, ... Read More »

iChat Log Viewing Software

There are three pieces of software out to view iChat log files. Only one shines. The rest have problems. Logorrhea (great name, huh), iChatViewer, and iChatAnalyzer are the three apps looked at this comparison. iChatAnalyzer 0.2.1b VersionTracker still lists this app as beta. This app makes a line chart of your chats! Wow. What is this for? It relies on ... Read More »

My Safari Wish List

Here are the features I would like to see in an update to Safari. (Disregarding any changes I would like to see in WebCore.) Tab & Print buttons, not third-party, from Apple. Print Preferences to let you print like every other web browser known to man. What I mean is date stamping the print, and also printing the URL in ... Read More »

Eolas suit may spark HTML changes

I sure hope I never have to take out a license to use the <B> tag anytime in the future! According to this article, the W3C may be changing the OBJECT and EMBED usage. Options the PAG could recommend include a technical workaround or new wording in HTML and related specifications warning that authors who implement the tags in question ... Read More »

Fed up with Windows

I have had it! I am fed up with Windows. I am fed up with my PC. I am getting tired of the maintenance. So why did I get a PC in the first place? I thought I would be much more productive with a much faster computer. Well I was wrong. If Apple would have announced the G5 in ... Read More »

Editing ID3 Tags in iTunes

I Love iTunes. And am feverishly awaiting the release of iTunes for Windows. I am really getting tired of using WimAmp to play my MP3’s. iTunes is great for Internet Radio, It is great for playlists and dynamic playlists. The one thing I cannot stand stand about iTunes is editing ID3 tags. Sometimes it take iTunes a while to move ... Read More »