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Kate’s Best Films of 2003

1. Lost in Translation (Sofia Coppola) 2. The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (Peter Jackson) 3. The Station Agent (Thomas McCarthy I) 4. All the Real Girls (David Gordon Green) 5. Man on the Train (Patrice Leconte) 6. The School of Rock (Richard Linklater) 7. Swimming Pool (François Ozon) 8. Kill Bill Vol. 1 (Quentin Tarantino) ... Read More »

The Magnificent Seven

“We lost. We always lose.” says Yul Brynner in the last line of one of the last great “classic” western tales. A great line from a great film that will stick in the gray matter long after watching it. Sandwiched in-between the fantastic THE SEARCHERS and THE WILD BUNCH, this 1960 American remake of the classic film THE SEVEN SAMURAI ... Read More »


Writer-director Neil LaBute’s new film THE SHAPE OF THINGS adapted from a play is his latest misanthropic take on relationships and a meditation on what is art. Rachel Weisz is outstanding as Evelyn the beautiful, controlling M.F.A student at Mercy College who dates undergrad Adam played by the adequate Paul Rudd. Evelyn manipulates and molds Adam, transforming him from a ... Read More »


BETTER LUCK TOMORROW, directed by 31-year-old Justin Lin and written by Mr. Lin, Ernesto M. Foronda and Fabian Marquez, is the darkest portrayal of Asian Americans on screen to date. Talk about controversy. The film is stirring up a lot of that, particularly at its 2002 Sundance screening where Roger Ebert stood on a chair and defended its portrayal of ... Read More »

Nowhere In Africa

Directed by Caroline Link (Beyond Silence) who also wrote the screenplay based on a novel by Stefanie Zweig, Nowhere In Africa is about a Jewish family fleeing Nazi Germany for Kenya in 1938. Although a bit slow going at times, it is overall a compelling tale of outsiders trying to survive in a foreign land. Leaving their comfortable life in ... Read More »


Just wait until it comes out on video. In theory this movie could have been watchable given that director Jonas Åkerlund is a music video/commercial director and a film about speed freaks on a three-day drug binge could lend itself to the frenetic type of editing the Swedish Åkerlund has used in his videos. Unfortunately this story about a collection ... Read More »


A thorough disappointment and why? This “documentary” smacked of propaganda like I don’t know what. Staggeringly one-sided and manipulative it is a puff piece if there ever was one. No matter what I think of his politics, or what you do — this film is so one-sided it is insulting. Director Estela Bravo is to Fidel what some may say ... Read More »

Rivers and Tides

Directed by German filmmaker Thomas Riedelsheimer, Rivers and Tides is a documentary about 47-year-old Scottish environmental artist Andy Goldsworthy. Shot over the course of a year it details his numerous pieces which basically are comprised of things he finds in nature such as ice, rocks, flowers, leaves, even wool, that he rearranges and that are transformed by nature which he ... Read More »


Directed by Spike Jonze, ADAPTATION is the fascinating story of painfully insecure screenwriter Charlie Kaufman’s agonizing struggle to adapt New Yorker writer Susan Orlean’s nonfiction book, THE ORCHID THIEF into a screenplay as exotic and intriguing as any of the 30,000 varieties of orchids that exist (gee I hope that figure is correct – I think it is close but ... Read More »