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Kate Derringer Barclay is the pseudonym of a freelance writer and blogger. Kate Derringer Barclay is also working on her first book.

The Problem With Anti-Rape Technology


Anti-rape nail polish and bras are interesting technologies, but they're not the way to prevent sex crimes. Read More »

Music Review: MiXE1 – ‘Lights Out’ EP


MiXE1 is an electronic powerhouse that needs to be experienced! Read More »

Marla Mase to Host Free “Speak” Performance


Marla Mase's "Speak" show is going to SummerStage 2013, on August 17 in New York City! Read More »

Music Review: The Jinxes – ‘Send Me A Sign’

The Jinxes are a perfect band to listen to this summer- check them out! Read More »

Music Review: Slim Loris – “Future Echoes and Past Replays”


With a sound very similar to Mumford & Sons, Arcade Fire, and The Avett Brothers, among others, the band's new album is definitely worth a good listen. Read More »

Thigh Gaps: A Trend That Needs to Die

Why having a gap between your thighs isn't all it's cracked up to be. Read More »

Slim Loris

Band: Slim Loris Location: Stockholm, Sweden Styles: Indie pop/rock/americana Similar to: Mumford & Sons, Arcade Fire, The Avett Brothers, The Band CD: Future Echoes and Past Replays Release date: May 19th Members/Instruments: Mattias Cederstam: Vocals, bass, piano, Robert: Guitars (live also Jonas Ellenberg: Drums and Leon Lindström: guitars and vocals) Production: Slim Loris Websites: Slim Loris, from ... Read More »

Ann Coulter -Ann Coulter blew her way through law school -I think she intentionally acts like this to get attention -She’s a disgrace to the Republican party Read More »

Music Review: Various Artists – The Great Gatsby Soundtrack

Why YOU should check out The Great Gatsby soundtrack! Read More »

Social Media’s Role in Solving The Boston Marathon Bombings

WordsInLink Read More »