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Milbloggers Invited To BlogWorld Expo

The head of BlogWorld Expo thinks that mibloggers have created a vital and important genre of blogging. Read More »

War Wife Weekly Wrap Up: Leaps Of Faith

BC's resident army wife, reflects on why leaps of faith are often needed. Read More »

Fashion: Phillip Bloch – From The Red Carpet To Everyday Life

Phillip Bloch's sterling credentials land him the CNN Fashion Job at the Emmys. Read More »

From Soldier to Yogi: Eric Walrabenstein Reaches Out to Veterans

In Phoenix, veterans are sought for a stress reduction program created by a former infantryman turned yogi. Read More »

Seeking the Worst Dressed American for 2009

Our Literary Fashionista advocates nominating one's frenemies. Read More »

Wikialytizing the News? New York Times Asks For And Gets A (Near) News Blackout

How far should a news outlet go in suppressing the news, when the topic is one of their own? Read More »

Solid Ground amid Shifting Sands

A writer finds her center with Thomas Merton and a blogger called "An Unlikely Army Chaplain." Read More »

Politics At The Trash Can

In a town of roses and palm trees, one milspouse deflects opinions tossed at her like trash. Read More »

Book Review: Operation Homecoming Edited by Andrew Carroll

Sometimes the story of war is best told by many voices, not just one. Read More »

Uncertain Boundaries: Reviewing Books Written By Soldiers

Milbooks are the newest craze. But can no-holds barred feedback be given to milparents who have just lost their child? Read More »