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War Wife Weekly: The $20 Christmas and a Wish

Flush with good news, Blogcritics' resident military spouse finds humility at the check stand. Read More »

War Wife Weekly: Military Blogs Go Silent In Protest

The military community goes black in support of a soldier who spoke about his personal life and was censored. Read More »

An American Woman Entrepreneur In Afghanistan

Two American founders of an Afghan Co-op deal with the uncertainties in a dangerous world. Read More »

War Wife Weekly: Winter In The Hindu Kush

Winter in Afghanistan brings snow, and a flurry of pediatric patients. Read More »

Book Review: A Pediatric Surgeon In Iraq by Christopher Coppola

Pediatric Surgeon, LTC Christopher Coppola comes out with a book about his experience in a war zone. Read More »

War Wife Weekly: Project Valour-IT is a Techie’s Dream

Supporting our wounded warriors through new technologies. Read More »

War Wife In Vegas: Milblogs and Milbloggers At BlogWorld Expo ’09

BC's own military wife travels to the land of fake-and-more-fake to meet down-to-earth milbloggers at BlogWorld Expo. Read More »

War Wife Weekly: Life Goes On

BC's resident military gives us a glimpse of the home life of the 1% in the nation who serve. Read More »

After Attack on FOB Keating, Soldiers Have Little Left

The American Legion Sets Out To Replace Soldier's Belongings Read More »

Afghanistan: To Send Or Not To Send

Three groups that will cease if we pull out. Read More »