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KJ is a Hollywood-based ghostwriter, editor, and social science researcher.

‘You’re Good at What You Do': Backhanded Compliments and Thinly Veiled Bias on ‘So You Think You Can Dance’


Persistent racial inequality in America still means that young people of color with a love of dance have unequal access to its 'classical' forms. Read More »

Supperclub San Francisco: Superbly Supine

A club, grub, and performance space hub in SOMA. Read More »

Fresh-Squeezed: Florida Orange Juice Exposes Assault on White Middle Class

Negative stereotypes of race, class, and gender persist in the media. Read More »

Self Circumscription: Surviving and Maintaining the Circle of Exclusion

...with liberty and justice for me. Read More »

Homage to the Troops on the Ground

It's a tough job, and there's never a captive audience. Read More »

Fair and Balanced or Pathetically Apologetic?

Why must progressives share blame when it justly lies totally with conservatives? Read More »