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Wit and Whimsy: A Review of “The Terminal”

While Steven Spielberg's newest film won't be remembered as long as the Charlie Chaplin and Frank Capra films that inspired it, "The Terminal" is a refreshing summer film that is both thoughtful and whimsically funny. Read More »

Of Scalawags and Spies

Two new books give positive portrayals of Southerners who supported the Union during the Civil War. Read More »

Artificial Intelligence Illuminates Creation and Procreation

Steven Spielberg's "AI: Artificial Intelligence," the story of a futuristic Pinocchio, reveals painful truths about man's failure to love others, beginning with his children. Read More »

Ten Things to Take From The Proper Care & Feeding of Husbands

Dr. Laura has written a useful book for women who want to strengthen their marriages Read More »

Are All Saved?

Are all in the end saved? Though we cannot affirm it, we may hope it, according to Richard John Neuhaus in an argument he makes in Death on a Friday Afternoon. Read More »

Bad Homilies Part I: Misdirected Piety

The first of several types of bad homilies one often hears in Catholic churches is the excessively pious, excessively credulous homily. The priest speaks about private revelation (visions, locutions, apparitions) as if it is gospel truth. He tells pious stories about the saints that were told in the Middle Ages, again as it they were gospel truth. For example, last ... Read More »

For the Greater Good

Anne Applebaum's survey of the Soviet gulag shows why we fought the Cold War. Read More »