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WTO Sanctions US; The EU Emerges a Winner

Those opposed to the US’s economic protectionism should be bolstered by yesterday’s announcement that the WTO has ruled to sanction a number of American exports. The ruling comes in response to a controversial US law protecting domestic steel producers by hindering foreign competition Read More »

Partisanship and November 2nd

I’ll come out and admit that I believe voter supression did indeed affect the outcome in Florida in 2000. Whether or not it was done as a part of a wide Republican conspiracy is immaterial — it could have been a gigantic mistake or a simple conincidence that blacks and other minorities seemed to be singled out and mistreated at ... Read More »

VP Debate Opinion Compilation

We ran another debate thread over at Digital Dissent tonight. Jon took the primary posting reigns this time around, so expect an even more noticeable lean to the right — just enough to even me out, maybe. Here are some of the better comments: Jon: Cheney had the ability to say, We never claimed there was a link between Saddam ... Read More »