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health news

Health news and tips are some of the most popular content areas of the Internet. With the Obama administration promising to dramatically change the health care system in the U.S., it seems likely that health blogs and websites will continue to grow in popularity. One of the most prominent medical websites is WebMD which produces professional content on a wide ... Read More »

health tips

An increasing number of people now turn to the Internet as a first step in diagnosing illnesses and symptoms and to get tips on healthy living. To meet this need, a variety of websites and blogs have sprung up covering the gamut of health tips and news. Perhaps the most prominent medical website is WebMD which has original content on ... Read More »

recreation and sports

Sports fanatics have a virtually unlimited cornucopia of choices in the thousands of blogs and websites devoted to sport and recreation activities. Among the larger sports websites is ESPN.com which bills itself as the worldwide leader in sports. CBS Sports is another website that has extended the television brand to online effectively. All major portals including Yahoo!, MSN, and AOL ... Read More »


In recent years, gossip has proven to be one of the most popular content areas on the Internet with thousands of blogs covering the latest goings-on of the famous and infamous. With Britney Spears continually being one of the most searched for terms every year, the appetite for online celebrity gossip and entertainment news is not likely to ebb anytime ... Read More »

entertainment news

Judging by the high percentage of popular search engine terms that involve celebrity names, entertainment news is among the most sought after content areas on the Internet. Blogs and other websites covering entertainment generally fall into two categories: Hollywood news and celebrity gossip. Many Hollywood news sources from other media such as magazines and television have successfully made the transition ... Read More »

celebrity news

If the perennial popularity of search terms like Britney Spears is any indication, celebrity news is significantly more popular on the Internet than traditional news as reported by newspapers and magazines.  Thousands of blogs cover both gossip and entertainment news. One of the most highly trafficked celebrity news blogs is Perez Hilton, written by Mario Lavandeira, the self-proclaimed "Queen of ... Read More »

celebrity gossip

Celebrity gossip is consistently one of the most popular content areas on the Internet with thousands of blogs covering the latest in Hollywood. With Britney Spears and other celebrities continually being among the most searched for terms every year, gossip and entertainment news blogs are experiencing a big uptick in traffic. The Perez Hilton blog was one of the first ... Read More »