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Tales From “Watch Instantly”: Tokyo Gore Police (2008)

I have no idea what just happened, but I loved watching it go down. Read More »

DVD Review: Transylmania – Unrated Edition (2009)

It tries, but it fails loudly, miserably, and very, very painfully. Read More »

Tales From “Watch Instantly”: The Auteur (2008)

A funny and clever romp into the world of the "Stanley Kubrick" of adult entertainment. Read More »

Tales From “Watch Instantly”: Film Geek (2005)

Film Geek is only 70 minutes long, but it's an excellent little character study. Read More »

Tales From “Watch Instantly”: Paper Heart (2009)

Paper Heart is so cute it may give you a heart attack... OF JOY! Read More »

Movie Review: The Loneliest Road in America

It tries to have something to say, but just ends up creating a boring and irritating viewing experience. Read More »

Tales from “Watch Instantly”: The Commitments (1991)

Want to start a band? Watch The Commitments first to see what it's truly like. Read More »

Tales from “Watch Instantly”: The Octagon (1980)

Chuck Norris Fact: The Octagon sucks. Read More »

Five Bands Worth Checking Out Live

With so much live music, how do you decide what's worth checking out? You read this of course! Read More »

DVD Review: Gary Unmarried – The Complete First Season

A good vehicle for Jay Mohr, but not good enough to own. Read More »