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On Taxes and Public Ownership

The benefits of taxation, and the importance of public ownership. Read More »

Greens and the Free Market

Greens have more in common with free marketeers than socialists. Read More »

How To Be An Intellectual

What really makes someone an intellectual, and how do they hone their skills? Read More »

On Depth of Character

To expect the best of each other is good, but we must never let the quantity distract from the quality. Read More »

The Brain Glut

It is time to get education in shape. Read More »

The New Literacy

The craft of reading and writing is not dying, it is evolving. Read More »

Australians Want the Internet Raw

The Rudd government wants to establish a mandatory filter on the internet. Read More »

Organic Education

The information revolution has created the need for a new pedagogy based more on play than knowledge. Read More »

The Wealth of Minds

Toward a free market of ideas. Read More »

Graphic Novel Review: Diary of a Teenage Girl by Phoebe Gloeckner

A bittersweet tome about coming of age in 1970s San Francisco. Read More »