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The Silver Lining of Losing Your Job

Eight upbeat ideas for your future. Read More »

How to Avoid Falling in Love with Love

A subject of parody from the time of ancient Greece. Read More »

How to Choose a Religion – A Prudent Shopper’s Guide

This week, consider attending a religious gathering of another faith. Read More »

Get the Government Out of the Marriage Business

Imagine a new unfettered society in which the tradition of marriage is returned to its proper home. Read More »

Universal Health Care is the Only Right Action

The lack of universal health care in the Unites States is a blot on the morality of our great nation. Read More »

The #1 Secret of Great Relationships

It is common for those entering into a relationship to hold an idealized image of how a perfect partner is supposed to act. Read More »

There’s More Than One Town on the River

The downstream town finds itself drinking the sewage and industrial waste of the upstream town. Read More »

Controversy Over the Release of the Bush Era Torture Memos

This is clearly a compromise which truly pleases no one. Read More »

I Was A Bastard for 22 Years

Only in 1967 did the United States end laws prohibiting marriage between whites and those of other races. Read More »

The First Amendment is Under Siege

A dangerous attack on the American Bill of Rights has begun to show up on right wing blogs. Read More »