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Corporations Aren’t Supposed To Pay Taxes – Voluntarily

The only responsibility of corporations is to generate maximum profits for shareholders. Read More »


The term “inspirational” can refer to something or someone that creates wonder and admiration by being creative or artistic or inventive. In this sense, one might describe Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa painting as inspirational. One might also describe the Apollo landing on the moon as inspirational. “Inspirational” can also refer to the spiritual nature of something or someone. Although ... Read More »

States are Obsolete; Let’s Abolish State Government

The list of reasons to abolish state governments is very long and compelling. Read More »

It’s a Public Servant’s Job to do What’s Right – Not What’s Popular

Public service is supposed to be about doing what's right and what's moral, rather than following public opinion polls. Read More »

Is it Time to End All US Military Aid to Israel?

Was the unprovoked attack in international waters on a boat carrying humanitarian aid the final straw? Read More »

BP Isn’t a Villain; We Need to Point the Finger at Ourselves

Americans are feeling helpless and frustrated over the current Gulf oil spill disaster and are looking for someone to blame. Read More »

Is There a Place for Honor in the 21st Century?

Honor is a noble quality that defines greatness in any age. Read More »

Forgive and Forget: Can You Really Lift Your Burden of Resentments?

The key to achieving the freedom of forgiveness is reinterpreting your resentments so they no longer haunt you. Read More »

Moderating the Anger Response Through Training

Anger is an instinctive response, but anger, like the instinct of a baseball swing, can be tuned through training. Read More »

Alcoholism in a Relationship

When is it time to leave? Read More »