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Jon Sobel is an Executive Editor of Blogcritics as well as lead editor of the Culture & Society section. As a writer he contributes most often to Culture, where he reviews NYC theater; he also covers interesting music releases. He writes the blog Park Odyssey, for which he is visiting and blogging every park in New York City—over a thousand of them. Through Oren Hope Marketing and Copywriting you can hire him to write or edit whatever marketing or journalistic materials your heart desires. By night he's a working musician: lead singer, songwriter, and bass player for Whisperado, a member of other bands as well, and a sideman.

Book Review: Steel Drivin’ Man: John Henry: the Untold Story of an American Legend by Scott Reynolds Nelson

Few things are more interesting than when folklore and history dovetail. Read More »

Music Review: Indie Round-Up for Nov. 30 2006 – Burden Brothers, Caddle, D’Haene

With stellar songwriting, crisp but heavy production, and roadkill vocals, the Burden Brothers prove that rock can still rock. Read More »

Book Review: All You Need To Know About the Music Business: 6th Edition by Donald S. Passman

Unlike most people I know in the music industry, Passman doesn't think it's broken. Read More »

Music Review: Indie Round-Up for Nov. 16 2006 – Copeland, Wolfkin, Jason Vigil

On first listen it seems self-conscious, as if the band had deliberately set out to make an Important Record. Read More »

Arizona First State to Reject Gay Marriage Ban

Constitutional bans on gay marriage are last-ditch, extreme attempts to shore up a rapidly weakening point of view. Read More »

Theater Review: Keith Boynton’s The Quotable Assassin and Walls

Love, death, and interior decorating create a worthwhile evening of theater, enlivened by inspired performances, sharp dialogue, and depth of thought. Read More »

Music Review: Indie Round-Up for November 2, 2006

It's suburban chill music for the post-American Beauty generation. Read More »

All I Really Need to Know I Learned from John Hiatt Lyrics

Who better than a master songwriter-dude to lay it out so even your confused female minds can understand it? Read More »

Music Review: Indie Round-Up for Oct. 19 2006 – Special Happy Music Edition

No shoegazers need apply - only happy music reviewed this week. Read More »

Theater Review: The Heart of My Mystery: The Hamlet Project

Maeve McGuire plays Gertrude as a real mother rather than a psychological construct. Read More »