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Jon Sobel is an Executive Editor of Blogcritics as well as lead editor of the Culture & Society section. As a writer he contributes most often to Culture, where he reviews NYC theater; he also covers interesting music releases. He writes the blog Park Odyssey, for which he is visiting and blogging every park in New York City—over a thousand of them. Through Oren Hope Marketing and Copywriting you can hire him to write or edit whatever marketing or journalistic materials your heart desires. By night he's a working musician: lead singer, songwriter, and bass player for Whisperado, a member of other bands as well, and a sideman.

Theater Review (NYC): ‘The Life and Sort of Death of Eric Argyle’ by Ross Dungan


Hit by a car and killed, 58-year-old Eric Argyle awakens into a bewildering procedural nightmare. Read More »

Theater Review (NYC): ‘Brendan at the Chelsea’ by Janet Behan

'Brendan at the Chelsea' starring Adrian Dunbar, photo courtesy of Lyric Theatre

A scintillating play explores the time Brendan Behan spent in New York's Chelsea Hotel in 1963 shortly before his early death. Read More »

Theater Review (NYC): ‘Night Blooming Jasmine’ by Israela Margalit


A well-told tale of Jews and Israeli Arabs proves Romeo and Juliet never really died. Read More »

Theater Review (NYC): ‘The Awake’ by Ken Urban


Three dream-and-reality dualities reflect our topsy-turvy, almost fantastical post-9/11 world of secret prisons and climate disasters. Read More »

Theater Review (NYC Fringe): ‘Track Twelve’ by Emily Comisar

Photo by Matthew Reber
Mike (Charlie Gorrilla) and Jenny (Keelie A. Sheridan) bond over a beer.

Strangers on a train. Read More »

Theater Review (NYC Fringe): ‘Human Fruit Bowl’ by Andrea Kuchlewska

Photo by Andrea Kuchlewska

This award-winning play brings out something that's usually lost to history: the story of an artist's model. Read More »

Theater Review (NYC Fringe): ‘Lula Del Ray’

Photo by Katherine Greenleaf

This dreamy, compelling period-piece "movie" is presented live via overhead projector, cardboard puppets, live actors and music. Read More »

Theater Review (NYC Fringe): ‘A Future Imperfect’ by William S.E. Coleman


Fun with dystopian futures. Read More »

Opera Review (NYC Fringe): ‘Truth’


A short new opera about abolitionist Sojourner Truth features fine voices and appealing music. Read More »

Theater Review (NYC Fringe): ‘The Spider’


Conjoined twins wrestle with the pain of separation in this remarkable play from Bulgaria. Read More »