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Author Archives: Jon Erbar

Book Review: Trapped: A Novel of Terror by J.A. Konrath

Why do bloodthirsty cannibals always have to ruin a good camp out? Read More »

Book Review: The Resort by Bentley Little

The Reata features accommodations for the most discerning guests. Just ignore the screams and blood and have a great vacation. Read More »

Book Review: Gil’s All Fright Diner by A. Lee Martinez

Can two paranormal ne'er-do-wells thwart a teenage witch's scheme to rule the world? Read More »

Book Review: Married with Zombies by Jesse Petersen

There's nothing quite like the zombie apocalypse to mend a marriage. Read More »

Book Review: Through the Triangle by C.P. Stewart

As a sci-fi page-turner inspired by the infamous Bermuda Triangle, Through the Triangle is remarkably descriptive without detracting from the pacing or the plot. Read More »

Hypnotic Horrors

Sleepwalking and the startling side effects of sleep aids. Read More »

Blu-ray Review: It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia – A Very Sunny Christmas

Join the gang from Sunny for a most irreverent spin on Christmas. Read More »

Movie Review: Deep Rising and the Death of the Cinematic Behemoth

A look back at 1998's Deep Rising, the final chapter in the book of film's mammoth horrors. Read More »

Casting Long Shadows on the RPG Genre

A look back on 2005's Shadow of the Colossus and the innovations it brought to the RPG genre. Read More »

The Great Divide in College

College professors, college students, and the great divide that's growing between them. Read More »