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Are Al Pacino and Robert DeNiro overrated actors?

I know I’m taking my life in my own hands with the title of this post, but if you’ll hang in there with me, you’ll see where I’m coming from. A few months ago I posted my top 10 actors living today list. Like any list it was totally subjective. However, I left Pacino and DeNiro off the list and ... Read More »

The Grudge. An Lo, I wet myself

Grab a hold of your stomach. Squeeze until everything's shredded to bits. While you're doing that, have a truck drive through your face. You're now watching "The Grudge" a movie made to freak you so intensely, you'll voluntarily crap your pants just to ease the tension. Read More »

TRON 2.0

Somehow lost to the obscurity of the net and forgotten projects Disney seems to have failed on their hints and promises of a sequel to Tron. Read More »