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Changing the Mind, Changing the World

There’s a great difference between happiness and joy. Read More »

More Getting There From Here

Einstein, the fabric of being, the internet , and the mind. Read More »

Can We Get There From Here?

You, me, the Internet, and the future of humankind. Read More »

Embrace Separation, Return to Whole

Why wasn't there a place like this for me? Read More »

A Writer’s Lot

At my keyboard the worlds align and overlap, passing over and through each other to weave a fabric. Read More »

Adventures Beyond Belief

We are dying from our beliefs, and our beliefs won’t save us. Read More »

Floyd Landis — You Like My Socks?

It’s all hell you know, damned if you do, damned if you don’t. Read More »

Beyond The Crack In The World: I’ll Meet You There

Beyond the shrinking of your ego is life, not what we imagine or merchandise or fear, but what IS. Read More »

Zeus and the Practice of Loss

"Learn to invest in loss. Who is willing to do this?" Read More »

Synchronicity and Grace

Sometimes the door just opens and you don't have to kick it down. Read More »