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Yes, Virginia, There is a Literary Critic

If you can't explain why you love or hate a book then shut it up! Read More »

Pink Floyd, Paranoia, and Publishing

No room for creativity in contemporary traditional publishing Read More »

From John le Carré to Jake Needham: Spies That Don’t Die

The spy novel lives on. Read More »

Deconstructing the Dead, Fat Lady

Killing the Fat Lady of Literary Deconstructionism Read More »

Sampling Frank Bill’s Crimes in Southern Indiana

Crimes in Southern Indiana is a sad state of affairs. Read More »

Detective Fiction: The Devil is in the Details

The evolution of detective fiction from Poe to the present. Read More »

Sharks, Dolphins, and Snails: What Type of Independent Author Are You?

Fortunes rise and fall like the endless swell of waves. Read More »

Obama’s Dream, Hitler’s Struggle, and Mussolini’s Memoirs

My, my, my: Memoirs of Obama, Hitler and Mussolini. Read More »

Why Hemingway Would Shoot Himself Again If He Were Alive and Writing Today

How feminist, deconstructionist literary criticism killed the strong male protagonist. Read More »

Emerson and Thoreau Lost in the Twilight of the 21st Century

You can kill a vampire with a stake through the heart but you can't kill the ghosts of literary zombies. Read More »