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Katrina’s Price Gougers

One of most powerful economic impacts of Category 5 Hurricane Katrina is the dramatic rise in gasoline prices at the pump. Estimates from the US Energy Department’s short-term energy outlook released this week, said the average retail price of regular gasoline jumped by 45.9 cents to a record 3.069 USD a gallon last week. This is on top of a ... Read More »

Voice Of America To Be Outsourced To China?

VOA, or Voice of America was originally conceived in 1939 by President Roosevelt’s chief speech writer, Robert Sherwood. Mr. Sherwood predicted the impact of international broadcasting when he said: We are living in an age when communication has achieved fabulous importance. There is a new decisive force in the human race, more powerful than all the tyrants. It is the ... Read More »

Why the Left Loves Katrina

Hurricane Katrina is the worst natural disaster to hit the United States since the San Francisco earthquake of 1906. The entire city of New Orleans, population of 484,674 (2000 US census) and its suburbs, population of 1,337,726 (2000 US census); has been devastated. The death toll could easily reach well into the thousands, and it will take months to find ... Read More »

Michigan Gold – Offshore Wind

Offshore wind farms present an exciting opportunity to generate electrical power cleanly and with zero emission impact. These new super windmills can produce power at a cost cheaper than natural gas; and have blade spans larger than a 747. The question is where to geographically locate them for optimal use and longevity? The recent hurricane off the gulf coast once ... Read More »

God wants you to eat what?

Today, when you’re really really mad, you might tell somebody to eat feces, but most wouldn’t really mean it. The Bible tells us, though, that this is exactly what God wants us to do for him. “But Rabshakeh said unto them, Hath my master sent me to thy master, and to thee, to speak these words? Hath he not sent ... Read More »

National Guard Responds to Hurricane Katrina

The national guard is busy responding to hurricane Katrina down south. Will they be there when your state has an emergency? The Pentagon in their wisdom has decided to shutter a slew of military bases around the country. They say that these bases are being shut because they are cold war relics. This may in fact be partially true, however ... Read More »

Pat Robertson: Worse Than We Thought?

Apologists say that televangelist Pat Robertson’s recent remarks were an aberration; in reality they were only scratching a darker surface. Mr. Robertson has a long career of what most Americans would call despicable behavior. Consider the following: Robertson’s support of former Liberian president Charles Taylor. In various episodes of his 700 Club program during the United States’ involvement in the ... Read More »