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Retired businessman and professor.

How We Will Spend Our Summer Vacation attracts more North American visitors than any other European ski destination. Read More »

Getting Our Footing Back in New Orleans

We want to see what happens this hurricane season before deciding whether it makes sense to build or buy another house. Read More »

A Safer City

Crime seems to be back in New Orleans after a too-brief reprieve. Read More »

New Orleans Mayor Weathers the Storm

The runoff candidates for Mayor of New Orleans have been chosen, and we look forward to an interesting contest. Read More »

Voting and Katrina

In New Orleans Katrina is part of every news story. Sometimes the Katrina effect is discussed directly; more often it is only implied. Read More »

Disequilibrium: Report From New Orleans

A new equilibrium must be established between supply and demand. I am afraid that New Orleans will no longer be an inexpensive place to live. Read More »

Life Begins at 55 (Part One of Three)

When I sold my business, at the age of 55, I felt liberated. Read More »

Blogger to “Score” New Orleans Recovery

Dr. John Vinturella’s own "Hospitality Index" measures how New Orleans is faring. Read More »

Katrina: Unexpected Consequences

We just moved into our ninth address since evacuating New Orleans on August 27, just ahead of Katrina. ... Read More »

“State-of-the-art” in Internet marketing …

Continuation of an interview with John Vinturella, author of "Release Your Inner Entrepreneur. " Read More »