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Formerly full professor Univ. of Wisconsin, Madison, and senior official Congressional Office of Technology Assessment and National Governors Association. Author of four nonfiction books and hundreds of articles.

False Gods Create False Hope

When people rally behind false change agents the national energy for real change is wasted. Read More »

9/11 Truth Manifesto

We are patriotic warriors working to nullify group delusion produced by government propaganda. Read More »

Obama versus Clinton versus Plutocracy

Obama and Hillary on the same ticket would be terrific. With these 2 candidates the country could become a democratic society for 16 years! Read More »

First Woman, First Black, First Latino, or First Honest President?

Far more radical than the first woman or the first black would be to have the first honest president in a very long time. Read More »

The Grand Delusion

Voters who vote for Democrats or Republicans become co-conspirators in a grand political criminal conspiracy. Read More »

Voting As Political Narcotic

America’s political system is a large and complex criminal conspiracy. Most voters enable it without benefiting from it. Read More »

Ron Paul Reality Check

Is Ron Paul really the Constitutionalist he wants us to think he is? Read More »

Satire: How to Interrogate Terrorists – by Colonoscopy

To get information out of terrorists, we could just give them free healthcare, particularly the humiliation and pain of a colonoscopy. Read More »

Illegal Immigration Spurs Constitutional Amendment

If Congress will not act then it's time to take matters into our own hands and stop illegal immigration. Read More »

Time to Boycott Voting

Why vote? It just encourages them. Save voting for a reformed political system worthy of respect and participation. Read More »