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Formerly full professor Univ. of Wisconsin, Madison, and senior official Congressional Office of Technology Assessment and National Governors Association. Author of four nonfiction books and hundreds of articles.

Our President Should Support More Direct Democracy

Trusting the people makes more sense than trusting politicians. Read More »

Horrendous Hubris

Are you ready for the audacity of arrogance? Read More »

Poisonous Plutocracy Pushes Economic Inequality

Where is the courage to fight the poisonous ruling plutocracy? Read More »

What Are We Waiting For?

Change is not necessarily political reform. Read More »

After Hillary, Voting With Conscience and Pride

It is time to vote against the two-party plutocracy. Read More »

How to Get Universal Health Care

The right path to obtaining universal health care is a constitutional amendment making it a right for all Americans. Read More »

Obama’s Crotch Itch Problem

Is Obama a little too strange to be president? Read More »

The Most Powerful People in America

They are not the rich and superrich, nor the politically powerful running the two-party plutocracy, nor the greedy heads of banking and finance companies, and certainly not the media moguls and bloviating pundits. The most powerful people are US, American consumers who account for over 70 percent of the economy. It is exactly now, when the economy is in the ... Read More »

Mending Broken Hearts with Cardiac Rehab

The odds are great that you or someone you care about will have a heart attack and survive it. But until I had a heart attack I was totally unaware that after surviving one there is a critically important option that far too few survivors take advantage of. It is called cardiac rehab, a medically supervised and monitored program of ... Read More »

The Evolution of Evil

Article V of the Constitution authorizes the deployment of magical pixies to fix all the world's ills. Read More »