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What’s It Like When A Professional Actor Does A High-Stakes TV Audition?

People in this country are raised watching actors on TV and in movies and lose sight of one fact: for every actor you see on TV, there were hundreds (or thousands) who sought the same part. To get a party it requires, yes, some luck but massive quantities of focus, concentration, and application of theatrical arts which are not simply ... Read More »

“Sky Captain” ROCKS!!!!!!

Last night I saw Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow — and it is GREAT! It was the top film this weekend and deserves every penny of it (and more). There are tons of reviews on the Internet, so I’m not going to do a long one here except to tell you: (1) Forget the posturing reviews by critics ... Read More »

They Say It Can Straighten You Out

Just when you thought it was time to turn off your computer: a study say porn may be good for you... Read More »

The Butchering of an American

Nick Berg's seems somehow sadder, more shocking and more sickening because the last few weeks of his life were filled with such frustration, anxiety, horror and pain. Read More »

Common Sense On Loan From Sadaam

Talk show host Rush Limbaugh's comments on the abuse of Iraqi prisoners by American guards are not in the Republican or Conservative mainstream. Read More »

Former Clinton Aide Says Even If John Kerry Wins the Democrats Lose

Even if John Kerry wins the Democrats will lose because they don't have the opinion-shaping and funding infrastucture that the GOP has. Read More »

Comedian Alan King Dies

When comedian Alan King died today it symbolized the comedy scene losing a transitional comic revolutionary. Read More »

He’s fun to watch, sounds great only he’s often wrong…

Political analyst Dick Morris is fun to read and listen to but don't bet your house on his predictions coming true....... Read More »

High Definition Politics

You've heard of high definition TV? Get ready because here comes high definition politics -- as both parties try to define the opposing party in the worst possible light. Read More »

The Media Wars Continue

A famous former-conservative has started a watchdog group to monitor the conservative media -- the latest salvo in the right-left media wars. Read More »