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Bugs Potter: Musical Suggestions Needed!

I'm reading Gordon Korman's over the top rock story classic "Who Is Bugs Potter" to my long-distance girlfriend. Need reader suggestions for musical accompaniment, as Bugs unknowingly builds himself a frenzied fan base by jamming with his rock idols. Details in the full post - Help! Read More »

Metallica & Ron’s Cats: Enter Surroundablog

When it comes to music, Ron Wheeler is damn near a genius. In this entry, Ron shows us the potential of DVD-Audio as Metallica helps him teach his cats not to use his expensive speakers as scratching posts. Bad kitty! Read More »

Michael Moore’s Betrayal

Michael Moore's Farenheit 9/11 brings to mind Lillian Hellman, the Stalinist playright of whom Mary McCarty once said: "Every word [Hellman] writes is a lie, including 'and' and 'the'." It's starting to get noticed on the Left.... Read More »

The Passion of the Bloggers

Judith Weiss has just about everything you could want to know about The Passion of the Christ”. Shockingly, no British people get their asses kicked in this movie… but then, Mel Gibson isn’t actually starring in this one. On a serious note, I especially liked Rev. Evans’ simple suggestion. It would have resolved most of the issues with this film, ... Read More »

Poem: Summer Song

Canadian poet Dennis Lee is famous for this children's poems, via books like Alligator Pie. As this poem shows, there's another side to his work Read More »

Tolkien’s Ace in the Hole

Before Sauron, Middle Earh had its own "Ace in the Hole" episode. Check out the embedded news links... the parallels are substantial. Read More »

Tarek Heggy: Women & Progress

Cairo correspondent Tarek Heggy's guest column notes: "It is tragic that in this day and age, when the advanced world is concerned with knowledge, development, civil liberties and human rights, we should still be asking the shameful question: Are women equal to men?" Read More »

Special: Cyber-Attacks on Warbloggers in Progress

This update from Winds of Change.NET reader Ken Barnes checks out… there appears to be another round of DoS cyber-attacks in progress against a number of prominent warblogs. Instapundit is down (but Instabackup is available!), as are The Command Post, LGF, Tim Blair, Pejman, Vodkapundit, Dailypundit , and others. Apparently, one of the main targets was a site called Internet ... Read More »

Beauty, Joy & Soul: Dave Matthews in Concert

Two and a half hours of beautyjoysoul that was uniquely theirs - and wholly ours, as they played the music only they can play. Your life is a song, art on a different stage. Play the music that only you can play. Read More »

Ben Harper, You Say?

If the proportion of hot women at the concert yesterday is any indication, a musician named Ben Harper deserves your attention. As Ben himself puts it: "If you listen close to what you see, you will hear the call." No matter how much gloom & doom the media throws at you. Read More »