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Joanna Celeste is at heart a storyteller, writing reviews, short stories, poems, articles and the occasional novel-in-progress, as well as interviewing others to discover their point of view, in the celebration of story. She welcomes emails from her readers at joanna_celeste [at], though she is currently booked for reviews through to January 2014. Visit her at

Keeping Promises… And Readers

Thoughts on how writers can streamline their process from initial idea to published work and build a readership. Read More »

TV Review: Attenborough’s Life Stories – “Understanding the Natural World”

Join naturalist filmmaker Sir David Attenborough as he explores the greatest secrets unlocked by science over the past 60 years. Read More »

Changing Perspectives: An Attitude and an Education That Helps Me Navigate the Publishing Industry

Where do we start building our writing career, and once launched, how do we juggle the many perspectives at play? Read More »

Music Review: Cliff Hines – Wanderlust

The new album by progressive jazz guitarist/composer Cliff Hines is joined by New Orleans veteran and newcomer musicians alike. Read More »

Book Review and Interview: The Art of Assessment by Magdalena Ball

Renowned reviewer Magdalena Ball shares her advice and resources on how to become a professional reviewer and get published. Read More »

TV Review: Attenborough’s Life Stories – “Life on Camera”

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TV Review: Africa – “Kalahari”

Discover an Africa never-before-seen, in the nature documentary series Africa, premiering on Discovery, January 8th, 10/9pm central. Read More »

Interview: Author and Teacher Amy Friedman on Shame, the Power of Memoir, and Inner Truths

Sitting down with Amy Friedman, an eloquent author and teacher, about the powers of fear, truth, and shame. Read More »

Book Review: The Adventures of Tilda Pinkerton – Book One: Crash-Landing in Ooleeoo by Angela Shelton

Tilda Pinkerton, magical hat-maker, crash-lands on Ooleeoo with amnesia. Can she remember in time to save her friends? Read More »

Book Review: Dancing at the Shame Prom: Sharing the Stories That Kept Us Small, Edited by Amy Ferris and Hollye Dexter

What happens when the one thing that no one must ever know about you is made public to the world? Read More »