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R.I.P. Piggy

This past weekend, guitarist Denis D’Amour (Piggy) of the band Voivod passed away due to complications of colon cancer. From Blabbermouth: VOIVOD guitarist Denis “Piggy” D’Amour passed away Friday night (August 26) at approximately 11:45 p.m. due to complications from advanced colon cancer — so advanced that the disease had spread to his liver. D’Amour slipped into a coma Thursday ... Read More »

Amplified Heat In For Sin

If Lemmy had done a collaboration with Stevie Ray Vaughn, I’d bet it would sound very, very similiar to Amplified Heat’s debut album. Scorching blues riffs combined with pounding metal bass lines, double bass and steel drumming, all wrapped up in a loud and tight package. An enjoyable cross-genre trip, In For Sin has enough heaviness and speed to appeal ... Read More »

Phoenix Alphabetical

French dance pop quartet Phoenix is back with the follow-up to 2000’s widely acclaimed United. The best I can say is that it’s exactly what you would expect from a bunch of self-proclaimed studio musicians. In an interview with Roman Coppola, Deck d’Arcy states, “We want to be more of a studio band than a live band.” Mission accomplished. The ... Read More »

Tierra Santa Apocalipsis

While my rudimentary Spanish isn’t quite good enough to keep up with the vocals on Apocalipsis, it doesn’t really need to be. Even without fully comprehending the lyrics,it’s very easy to understand why Tierra Santa is releasing their sixth album since 1998. They are quite simply a talented band of great songwriters. Strong, epic songs with swooning progressive metal vocals ... Read More »

M83 Before The Dawn Heals Us

Review of M83's third album, the follow-up to the critically acclaimed Dead Cities, Red Seas & Lost Ghosts. Read More »

S. Sturgis In A Haze

Scott Sturgis (Pain Station, converter and notime) decided to try something new. So, when the opportunity was presented to open for friends Euphondisson at the Rendezvous in Seattle, WA on Januaury 8, 2004, he went for it. Sturgis wrote music specially for the event and recorded the audio portion of the event. The result is the six tracks that make ... Read More »