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Satire: The Current Iranian Regime Up For Sale On eBay!

Iranians: Trying to convince the world the Holocaust didn't happen? That's almost as bad as Enron, but without hiding your accounting books. Read More »

Facing Down Iran

Steyn made the same singular mistake I've seen in every mainstream analysis on Iran: that Iranian history begins in 1979. Read More »

Holocaust Denier Jailed?

From one of my readers: “Recently a British Historian (David Irving) was jailed in Austria for “Holocaust Denial”. OK – he’s a bit of a right wing nutcase – but since when could someone be imprisoned for questioning historical fact? What message is this sending out? Surprisingly the law of Holocaust Denial exists in a number of European countries. So ... Read More »

Thanks to Pres. Ahmadinejad, the Score is Israel 1, Iran 0

But before you start cheering, take a good look at the historical record of states where the governments fail. Read More »

Domestic Terrorism in a Nutshell

Last Thursday I taught an anti-terrorism class to my shop, with one of my major highlights being domestic terrorism groups–such as the National Socialist Movement (or “America’s Nazi Party”) mentioned below. My key point during that portion of the curriculum was terrorism isn’t just about young Middle Eastern males, but can also be home grown (and the image most folks ... Read More »