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Google Hacks

“Google Hacks, Second Edition” is a particularly useful book for many BlogCritics. It provides a how-to approach to doing useful, interesting, and somewhat silly things with Google, the syntax, scripting, the API, GMail and Adwords. With its spare interface, many people overlook a lot of what Google can do. For many BlogCritics, the most useful sections will probably be using ... Read More »

Wonderfalls – Viewer Collection

There was a time you’d be watching “Wonderfalls” right now. But it didn’t happen, because broadcast television isn’t about bringing interesting programming to an audience, but about selling an audience to advertisers. And “Wonderfalls” doesn’t have a lot good to say about sheer, grasping commerce or at least the mouth-breathers who assistant-manage it. The series is now available on DVD ... Read More »

Hunter S. Thompson – Writer

“That power of conviction is a hard thing for any writer to sustain, and especially so once he becomes aware of it. … It is not just a writer’s crisis, but they are the most obvious victims because the function of art is supposedly to bring order out of chaos, a tall order even when the chaos is static, and ... Read More »

Icky Flix – The Residents

In the music industry, the term “artist” is often flung around to provide the illusion of depth to what is an artificially flavored and colored product. After more than 30 years, The Residents are one of the few who really deserve to be called artists. The Residents have made art using music, electronics, theatre, experimental film, computer graphics and animation, ... Read More »

Beaten hockey hero

I don’t care that much about hockey, especially the business of the NHL, but I’m watching “The National“, and you got an interview with #99, Wayne Gretsky, and he looks likes a hostage being interviewed by Pastor Mansbridge, and right after the interview feed, you got Don Cherry and Mansbridge talking about how beat up Gretsky looked and sounded. And ... Read More »

SNL feb 12 music

Regarding tonight’s SNL performance, does Pat Benetar look amazing or what?! Hell is for children indeed… Read More »

Chrétien kept my balls!

It loses a lot in translation, but former Prime Minister Jean Chrétien admitted he treasured the balls of both Bill Clinton and G.W. Bush, among others. Okay, they were golf balls, and he was trying to justify spending public money on golf balls with his name on them. But you really need to hear the testimony to get the full ... Read More »

Mind Hacks – the book

Okay, even though it’s implied in the fine print on the copyright page, chances are, you won’t void your warranty using anything in this book. So, if you’re worried about waking up naked in the zoo, go ahead and read it. And if you want to wake up naked in the zoo, you don’t need this book. “Mind Hacks” by ... Read More »

Marianne Faithfull – Before the Poison

It is a well known fact there are certain people who are sex on a stick, who, with a mere whisper could persuade you to burn down everything you have for one hot moment. Marianne Faithfull is one of those people, and she is living proof of concept. Her most recent album, “Before The Poison” is the latest addition to ... Read More »

View from Wonderfalls Next Week

“Wonderfalls” was one of the series discarded last year by Fox in their “non-scripted” search for instant ratings gratification. A critical favourite, the show earned a devoted following, based in part from the involvement of Tim Minear in BtVS and Angel. The show had a good cast, witty, sharp writing and much portions of the funny, the one thing the ... Read More »