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chapter 7

When you hear the word "bankruptcy," you most likely think of a hapless individual or business that has run out of money and who has decided to seek protection in the mysterious confines of a federal bankruptcy court. In fact, the term "bankruptcy" contemplates several kinds of financial relief for debtors.  The most common type of proceeding is known as ... Read More »


In years past, an individual with a disability in the United States and in most western nations faced poor job prospects, financial hardship, problems with transportation and even building access.  Thanks to efforts on the part of disability rights advocates, disabled individuals have more opportunities and legal rights than their forbearers could have ever imagined. In the United States, Social ... Read More »


Most people think of Social Security as a federal government agency that sends your grandparents a check every month, and as a program that will most likely run out of money long before most of us turn 65. Social Security is not just about retirement – Social Security also pays disabled workers under its SSDI program.  SSDI stands for Social ... Read More »


In the early days of the Internet, web sites all looked pretty much the same. Choose a site at random and you would find a hierarchical structure consisting of a "home" age and one or more secondary pages.  In 2004, the term "Web 2.0" was coined to include new, more interactive sites that fostered a sense of community. Weblogs constitute ... Read More »


Looking to share a particularly useful web site or blog? Links – the "clickable" text on your site that whisks a user to another site help make the Internet a community of knowledge. Links also function to identify authority sites. When a web site or blog garners "link love" from dozens and dozens of separate sites, the search engines treat ... Read More »


Have you discovered a blog that "speaks to you?"  There is a good chance that your favorite blog publisher has also published a blogroll containing links to blogs and web sites that the publisher finds interesting and relevant to the subject at hand. Blogrolls also help search engines identify authority sites.  Regularly updated and pithy blogs often experience exponential growth, ... Read More »


Bankruptcy – the very sound of the word strikes fear into the minds of those who face its possibility. But Chapter 7 liquidation, Chapter 13 personal reorganization, and Chapter 11 business reorganization can be powerful and effective financial tools for individuals and businesses who do not have sufficient cash flow to pay incoming bills. Although bankruptcy cases are filed in ... Read More »