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I like collecting books, music, movies, chess sets and friends

Book Review: ‘The Presidents Club’ by FCEtier


A conspiracy-laden sequel that matches up to its predecessor. Read More »

Book Review: The Tourist Killer by FCEtier

An exhilarating debut thriller by FC Etier introduces readers to a memorable cast of characters. Read More »

The Keystone XL Pipeline: GOP Lies and Higher Midwest Gas Prices

The American public is being lied to by billion dollar oil corporations and Republican spin doctors. Read More »

Marine Sgt. Brandon Morgan’s Famous Homecoming Kiss… For His Boyfriend

marine kiss

The story of a gay soldier’s homecoming kiss that went viral around the world. Read More »

The Politics of Banking: Monthly Debit Card Fees Are Coming to a Bank Near You!

Your debit card may not be free soon...or Revenge of the Wall Street Bankers. Read More »

How Many of Your Sports Heroes Are Gay?


This is the third of a series on famous gay athletes. Read More »

The Kennedy $25 Bill: A Good Idea Whose Time Has Come

A $25 bill would instantly save the U.S. 20% in printing and production costs. Read More »

Translating The Tea Party Movement & Right-Wing Politicians (2nd Edition)

A translation tool to uncover what the Tea Party, religious conservatives and politicos are really saying Read More »

U.S. Treasury Unveils New “Superdollar” $100 Bill

Was the new $100 bill unveiled in Russia before debuted in the U.S.? Read More »

Nepal’s Mt. Everest Vies To Attract Gay Weddings and Tourism

Brokeback Mountain, move over — Mt. Everest is vying to take your place! Read More »