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The Painful Stupidity of Left Wing Bloggers

Before I get into this I feel the need to preface this with the fact that I take no political funds for my voice. I have never received any funding from groups like Media Matters, unlike Daily KOS, MyDD or Eschaton. The reason I feel the need to declare this is that all three of these blogs have decided to ... Read More »

Is Freedom of The Press Hurting Our Soldiers?

It has been about two years since “shock and awe.” We have created a seed of democracy in the heart of the Middle East. We have given Iraq free elections. We have deposed a truly evil dictator. We have prevented countless thousands from being tortured, raped and killed by a regime that is every bit as bad as Pol Pot ... Read More »

Middle East Condemns The London Terror Attacks

I have nothing personal I can add to the terror attacks in London that would be significant. Suffice to say that for many people this matches the level of abhorrence reached during The World Trade Center attacks and Spain’s bombing. England has now had it’s own 9/11. It would be pointless to go into descriptions of haw many died and/or ... Read More »

Review: Megadeth – Greatest Hits – Back To The Start

How does one go about reviewing a “best of” or “greatest hits” album? Doesn’t everyone already know what the songs sound like? Sure, you could go on about which songs the band chose. You could even give your opinion on which songs “should have” been on the album. That is not the case with this album. Dave Mustaine did something ... Read More »

Review: Life Of Agony – Broken Valley

So I get this new Life Of Agony DC, Broken Valley. I’m expecting some resemblance to the dark, low and moody sounds more than ten years ago. After this long of a gap I expected them to have tempered that dark, brooding feel with at least some semblance of a tempo. After all, their sophomore effort, Ugly, was a far ... Read More »

Gingrich Calls for Censuring Durbin

Everyone has heard what Durbin said. I have no need to repeat them here. By now you have read something that has polarized you on a topic once again. Either this whole deal has been “blown out of proportion” and Bush really is a Nazi, or you believe that Dick Durbin’s comments were completely unjustified and out of line. To ... Read More »

Flushing of the flag at Gitmo!

No, this is not an example of lack of discipline in the ranks. This is an example of lack of common sense in the United States. Let’s start with the Qu’ran desecrations. There have been five instances where a U.S. service member has accidentally desecrated a Qu’ran at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. All five of those times the individual in question ... Read More »

Dick Durbin – Bad For America

I’m sure you have heard the accusations by Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL) that Guantanamo Bay is like a Soviet Gulag or Nazi Germany. He even likened the situation to Pol Pot’s regime in Vietnam. He stated today, after several military support groups went into action, that: …the comments were intended to compare “torture” at Guantanamo to torture during the Nazi ... Read More »

Michael Jackson – Guilty Until Proven Innocent

FLAME WARNING. What the hell country is this? Should we just get rid of the court system and go back to public lynching? What is the standard for this crap now? Does it mean that if the MSM convicts you of a crime then the courts must make reality match what some pundit claims to be the truth? That’s complete ... Read More »