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Interview: Ian “Knox” Carnochan of the Vibrators

The Vibrators have been around a long time. Twenty-nine years, in fact. That includes a lot of albums (15), a lot of songs (over 200), numerous line ups and a split in 1980. As one of the founding fathers of 1970's punk rock, it was an honor for me to have front man of the Vibrators, Ian "Knox" Carnochan take time out from his busy days to answer some questions. Read More »

CD Review: Mardo

This ain't your mama's rock 'n' roll. Wait. Actually, it is. Listening to Mardo is like stepping into a time machine and traveling back to when rock and roll meant something good: the 70's. Except it's 2005 and these guys are very much in the present. Read More »

CD Review: Patti Smith – Land (1975-2002)

When I picked up Patti Smith’s Land, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Sure, it’s full of songs I’ve heard before and listen to all the time and the collection itself came out way back in 2002. I’m a bit late to the party, but it’s a party I’ve wanted to buy for years but just never had enough money ... Read More »

Of Hunks and Babes

Beautiful woman and handsome men decorate everything from television screens to magazine covers to the walls of teen boys and girls to clothing ads. Read More »