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CD Review: Gliss – Kick In Your Heart

The ethereal sounds that come out of my speakers when I play Gliss' Kick in Your Heart is nothing sort of gorgeous. A sort of tragically beautiful moan accompanied by entrancing guitars and moody drums. Read More »

Beastie Boys to Release Solid Gold Hits

You know you love the Beastie Boys. To celebrate the groups 24th anniversary, Capitol will be releasing a greatest hits album, Solid Gold Hits. Scheduled to hit the streets on November 8th, the album will feature fifteen of the group’s songs, including old favorites like “No Sleep ‘Til Brooklyn”, “Root Down”, “Shake Your Rump” and “Fight For Your Right” and ... Read More »

CD Review: The Bloody Hollies – If Footmen Tire You…

If it’s possible to have a crush on a band, I think I have one on the Bloody Hollies. These Buffalo, New York boys play a gritty, in-your-face kind of punk rock that will slap you silly while they kick you in the head with their intense guitar riffs and heavy hitting drums. Just when you think they can’t make ... Read More »

CD Review: The Dreadful Yawns – The Dreadful Yawns

I gotta tell ya, I like the twang. I love twangy voices and twangy guitars. The Dreadful Yawns deliver in this respect. They play the kind of music you would expect to hear at the local fair. A mix of psychedelic/space rock, alt-country and a big dose of Americana. This isn’t to say that the band isn’t worthy of things ... Read More »

CD Review: Metric – Live It Out

What do you get when you mix a voice that is both sweet yet edgy, tough yet vulnerable and always sexy? Emily Haines has one of the best female voices that I’ve heard in this crazy music world. In one song, she is able to come off as a beautifully brazen woman with a heart of nails (“Are we all ... Read More »

CD Review: Youth Group – Skeleton Jar

Simply put: Youth Group's style doesn't stray from the typical stuff that's being played on the radio today. With their jangly, indie rock roots, Youth Group will find a place in your heart if you're drawn to the likes of Death Cab For Cutie, The Shins and other bands who cater to the emotionally distraught, white belt wearing masses with hair strategically placed over their eyes. Read More »

Details Emerge About New Nirvana Album

Details about the new Nirvana album, Sliver, which is set for release in November, have been released. According to NME.com, the album will feature three previously unreleased tracks: “Spank Thru” (Faecal Matter) “Sappy” (Endino-produced demo) “Come As You Are” (boombox) Other songs on the album will be taken from last year’s box set With The Lights Out. There is no ... Read More »