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CD Review: Bang Sugar Bang – Thwak Thwak Go Crazy

There is a big difference between being told you sound like X and actually sounding like X. Read More »

CD Review: Collin Herring – The Other Side of Kindness

Fort Worth, Texas-based, Collin Herring knows the true meaning of alternative country. Read More »

CD Review: The Magic Numbers – The Magic Numbers

I'm not sure if they would like the comparison, but the Magic Numbers remind me of a modern day Mamas and the Papas. Read More »

CD Review: The Fleshtones – Beachhead

Musically, there's nothing all that new on the album. It's your classic and timeless Fleshtones, just bigger. And better. Read More »

CD Review: On Ensemble – Dust and Sand

Traditional taiko with nontraditional jazz, rock and electronic influences is not something one hears all the time. Read More »

CD Review: The Crimea – Tragedy Rocks

The title alone gives you an idea of the somewhat dark tone of the album. Mixing plenty of melancholy with emotional and prolific lyrics, you get the sense that frontman and songwriter Davey Macmanus' mind isn't always filled with flowers and sunshine. Read More »

CD Review: The Saints – Nothing Is Straight In My House

A nice mélange of fast and slow-paced guitar work and ferocious drums, the Saints have obviously grown up, cleaned up their sound and are in no way ready to quit. Read More »

CD Review: Dressy Bessy – Electrified

Sweet and pink and full of sugary goodness that will probably kill your teeth but you can't get enough of it. Read More »

CD Review: The Concretes – Layourbattle- axedown

These indie darlings create a rock/folk-pop/twee indie sound with the coolness of a Swedish winter. Read More »

Cd Review: The Ex – Singles. Period.

"Guerilla-war is not for fun / The only way to get things done." Read More »