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The Case of the Desperate Singles’ Syndrome: Settling for Mr. So-So

Lori Gottlieb says you should marry the junkie with bad breath who is on the brink of relapse because it's better than being alone! Read More »

CD Review: The Coffin Lids – ‘Round Midnight

They’re rock & roll. Wild, drunken rock & roll garage style. They’re the 60’s, 70’s and today all wrapped into one gruff and sexy package I wouldn’t mind unwrapping on Christmas morning. Compared to the Sonics, the Mummies and the Swingin’ Neckbreakers, but at times they remind of a more 60’s Ramones, and sometimes they remind me of the Stooges ... Read More »

CD Review: The Class of 98 – Touch This and Die

There ain't no denying that The Class of 98 are going to make their mark in '06. Read More »

CD Review: Viva K – Viva K

Beautiful people creating strange, yet beautiful, music. Read More »

CD Review: Lagwagon – Resolve

Emotions run deep on this latest release from Santa Barbara's Lagwagon. Read More »

CD Review: Ray Davies – Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving may have come and gone as it does every year, but ex-Kinks captain, Ray Davies' EP, Thanksgiving Day, leaves a lasting impression all year 'round. Read More »

CD Review: The Lovemakers – Times of Romance

The 80's never sounded as good as it does in 2005. Read More »

CD Review: The Rosebuds – Unwind

The Rosebuds cater to two types of music: peppy, pop songs that are all sunshine and summer days and the other? Slow, moody and broody type songs that make you enjoy quiet, grey days even more. Read More »

CD Review: The 88 – Over and Over

Between Slettedahl's flawless, stark vocals and the bands continuous perfect harmonies, it can best be described as musical rock bliss. Read More »

CD Review: Jerra – Play Like A Girl

Part power pop, punk and feminist action, Jerra's brand of D.I.Y. pop punk has just enough sugary sweet substance to not decay your teeth. Read More »