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Music Review: Phantom Planet – Phantom Planet

The latest offering from rock and rollers Phantom Planet is a fresh and inspiring departure from their previous effort. While the songs on the self-titled album, which hit the stores on Jan.6 of this year, are a bit less rock influenced than songs from their previous work (including a great cover of the wildly catchy “California”), the latest offering has ... Read More »

Top 10 of 2003

It has been a while everyone–sorry! Hopefully in 2004 I will be able to become more active in the blogcritics community. Finals are over at school, the new year is upon us and that means it is top 10 list time. Here is mine: 10. Smoking Popes-The Party’s Over- This, the final release from the brothers Pope, is a wonderful ... Read More »

War All the Time-A Political Statement from Thursday

I laughed. I cried. I hated. I loved. I slept. I awoke refreshed. I felt sorrow. I felt extreme joy. I break-danced. I moshed. I screamed from the bottom of my gut. I sang beautiful melodies. I closed my eyes and envisioned peaceful images. I saw bloody, mangled, war-torn images. I was distressed. I was comforted. I was enlightened. I ... Read More »

You think you know Bush, eh?

I am getting increasingly frustrated as a Journalism major to hear some of the ignorant persons in my field lambasting our president. Not, however, because I am a diehard conservative or because I feel he is the best thing to hit the White House since JFK. Now that I have hopefully peaked your interest, please, read on. How many times ... Read More »

Converge–Heads Above the Competition

Some bands only take 200-300 words to review. Some—if we are really being honest—would only take one or two words to review. However, once in a while a band will rear their head that takes a music reviewer completely by surprise and , for whatever reason, cause a writers block because of the sheer talent displayed by said band members. ... Read More »

On Broken Wings “Some Of US May Never See the World”

On Broken Wings debut Eulogy Release, “Some of Us May Never See the World”, is a hum-drum effort of oh-so overdone metal core. With past releases on Eulogy Records bringing us instant classics, like the latest from Evergreen Terrace, it is a shame to see such a mediocre band releasing work under the same label. Sure, the guitar work is ... Read More »

Cave-In “Antenna”

Hardcore cave-in fans beware—this is not your typical scream along melodic hardcore CD. In fact, this isn’t a hardcore CD at all, but rather a post-hardcore melodic masterpiece. From the very beginning of this CD the hooks that are presented with catchy lines and foot-tapping drum beats bring a clear and talent filled mix. The vocals are very, at times, ... Read More »

The Flaming Pink Robots

OK–so maybe you could say I have had a musical rebirthing in the past week–heck, maybe I just found a couple of great new bands–but whatever it is I had to share the information along to all of the music lovers everywhere who just need something new and exciting to add to their collection: The Flaming Lips “Yoshimi Battles the ... Read More »

How to Overthrow the Government

The book entitled, “How to Overthrow the Government”, is written by Arianna Huffington, and is, for the most part, one giant political editorial about the evils of having a strict two-party system, and the problems that arise when special interest group money is funneled into political campaigns. Beginning from the very first page, paragraph and sentence, Huffington starts in with ... Read More »