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Outside of Yankeeland, Fans Rejoice At Pinstripes’ Misfortune

Outside of New York City and Yankeeland (the less loyal version of Red Sox Nation), baseball fans do not care about the Yankees struggles. Read More »

The Underachieving Yankees Are Not A Team, But A Collection of Players

There is one simple reason why the Boston Red Sox are 31-14 and comfortably nestled atop the American League East, and the New York Yankees as 20-24 and 10.5 games behind. The Red Sox are a team, and the Yankees are a collection of players. Read More »

Sports Entertainment A Lively Business for Creators of BirdZerk! and ZOOperstars!

They perform at sports venues and special events around the country and the world. Dominic and Brennan Latkovski have plans for much more. Read More »

Don’t Begrudge Professional Athletes Like J.D. Drew

Professional athletes are often criticized for the salaries they are paid.What would you do if you were offered a contract of seven or eight figures? Read More »

Dan Shaughnessy Thinks You Live In Your Parents’ Basement

Jeff Louderback, founder and editor of Sox and Pinstripes, offers his take on Shaughnessy's column attacking Curt Shilling's 38 Pitches Blog. Read More »

Pete Rose Stains The Game Once More

On the Dan Patrick Show, Rose admitted that when he managed, he bet on his team, the Cincinnati Reds, every night. Read More »

More Level Playing Field Bitter Pill for Yankees Fans to Swallow

After 86 long years, the Red Sox finally broke the infamous curse of the Bambino, first beating their arch rivals, the New York Yankees, in the American League playoffs and then going on to win the 2004 World Series. Read More »

Note to Joe Torre: The Sox and Yankees Were a Rivalry Long Before You Arrived

The Red Sox and Yankees represent sports' greatest and fiercest rivalry. Read More »

When Baseball Was Life

My Dog Skip is truly one of the finest films about the care-free childhood days of playing baseball, and the everlasting bond between a boy and his dog. If you don't shed a tear at the end, check your pulse! Read More »

The Reason For The Red Sox Passion

If it's true that Baseball, along with jazz, is one of the great indigenous American art forms, then certainly the story of baseball in Boston has been, for most of its history, one of America's most compelling tragedies. Read More »