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A PC User Warms Up To Mac

Hi, I'm a PC. I like PCs but am warming up to Macs thanks to their customer support. Read More »

Join Me As I Get Off the Grid – Dump Bellsouth!

Are you a Bellsouth/AT&T DSL customer? Do you use Outlook to check your e-mail? Read this before it is too late. Read More »

How to Avoid Becoming a Victim of Identity Theft: Interview with Jeremy Duffy

If the CEO of LifeLock can't prevent his ID from being stolen, who of us can avoid becoming a victim? Read More »

My Adulterous Affair With Craigslist (Don’t Tell eBay…)

Craigslist versus eBay! Who will win in this no-holds-barred cage match of the ages? Read More »

Interview with Joshua Sipper, author of Runaway Swimmer

Writing your first book doesn't guarantee you will get published, but knowing the right steps ahead of time can help. Read More »

EBay, The Internet’s Wal-Mart

Once a site flowing with milk and honey, eBay turns into the dumping ground for poor service and high prices. Read More »

Wii Would Like To Complain

While Wiis are great, I still have complaints. What were Wii developers thinking when they designed the Wii? Read More »

Microsoft and Bill Gates Play Catch Up

Microsoft makes a huge announcement: they will begin being just like Google in the coming years, only pricier. Read More »

Interview with a Scam Baiter

Know how to spot an e-mail scam and what to do if you get one. Read More »

What Can You Do To Stop Spam?

We all get spam email on a daily basis, but is there actually anything we can do to prevent it, or at least reduce it? Read More »