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In The Bedroom

A well acted emotional drama that falls flat in the end. Read More »

Politicians, Partisans and Parasites

Tucker Carlson's first book is a fresh and funny look at politics in the world of cable television. Read More »

Don’t Do This Remake

'The Warriors' is a classic movie. Why bother remaking it? Read More »


It's fun to not expect much and then get a truly good movie. Tombstone fits that bill. Read More »

Love Those Censors

Blood and guts? Sure! Curse words? No way! Read More »

The Matrix Reloaded

Leave Comparisons To The Original Aside And Enjoy It Read More »

The Ring

Another in a long line of recent overrated horror movies. Read More »


'Meteora' is a worthwhile second effort from Linkin Park. Read More »

Cheap Movies – Decent Results

Just because they're cheap, doesn't mean they aren't any good. Read More »

It’s a slow process, but they’re learning. Check out Right now, you can register for free and if you subscribe, you can burn tracks for 49 cents until the end of March. I still don’t like the fact I will have to pay $9.95 for a subscription fee and then be charged to burn the tracks as well, but ... Read More »