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Nintendo 3DS Review: ‘Mario & Luigi: Dream Team’


Qualms aside, "Mario & Luigi: Dream Team" is still an excellent game, and worth playing if you are a fan of Mario games, Mario RPGs, or just a good adventure. Read More »

Nintendo 3DS Review: ‘Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages’ & ‘Oracle of Seasons’

Link meeting Nayru and Din, key characters in Oracle of Ages & Seasons

How do these two classic Zelda titles fare as rereleases on the 3DS? Read More »

Playstation 3 Review: Space Invaders: Infinity Gene

Space Invaders: Infinity Gene successfully combines classic Space Invaders gameplay with enough new aesthetics for a familiar yet unique experience. Read More »

Playstation 3 Review: Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game

Scott Pilgrim's video game adventures prove the perfect companion to his movie and comic-based escapades. Read More »

PSP Review: Lunar: Silver Star Harmony

The latest remake of the Lunar legend proves just as fulfilling as before. Read More »

Playstation 3 Review: Mega Man 10

Mega Man 10 proves once again that going retro isn't always bad. Read More »

Nintendo DS Review: The Wizard of Oz – Beyond the Yellow Brick Road

A unique yet somehow forgettable take on the literary work. Read More »

Nintendo DS Review: Space Invaders Extreme 2

This latest iteration of Space Invaders proves that more invasions are never a bad thing. Read More »

Nintendo DS Review: Fossil Fighters

The collection aspects of Pokemon combined with the lore of dinosaurs. Read More »

Nintendo DS Review: Mario & Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story

Mario and Luigi's latest portable adventure is one of their best. Read More »