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Concert Review: The White Stripes at Red Rocks

I went to the White Stripes show at Red Rocks in Morrison with Figgie and Ken on Monday night. It’s an outdoor venue and the rocks are about twelve stories high and you usually see the moon during the show. Anyway, they put on a pretty good performance but Jack White did rush through the lyrics of some of the ... Read More »

I’m hip daddy-yo

So I have a copy of “Hip: The History” by John Leland sitting in my pajama lap. I’m only to page twenty nine because I’m cashed (although I just chewed some coffee beans and spat ’em out in the bathroom sink), have smoked several non-additive free cigarettes I got in a trade for buying a beatnik girl lunch in a ... Read More »

Modest Mouse Sell Out to the Man?

I used to be a music scenester in the 80’s. I know that probably dates me, but I liked all the new bands before anyone else did. I bought Boy – the first U2 album when it came out (vinyl of course), and I saw R.E.M. in concert before they even released their first EP Chronic Town. I thought I ... Read More »

All We are Saying is Give Dick a Chance

I originally picked up a copy of “I am Alive and you are Dead” – Emmanuel Carrere’s biography of Sci-Fi guru Phillip K. Dick simply for the shock value. I read about how his empathy and paranoia were connected, how he popped pills, and made the scene in Berkeley during the sixties. I also liked the bits in the book ... Read More »