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Book Review: Go Ask Ogre: Letters From A Deathrock Cutter, by Jolene Siana

Go Ask Ogre is a compilation of letters written compulsively, over a three-year period, by Jolene Siana&#8212an artistic, sensitive, suicidally-depressed, self-mutilating teenaged girl living on the bum side of Toledo, Ohio&#8212to Kevin Ogilvie, AKA Nivek Ogre, the singer of her favorite mud and fake blood-coated industrial band, Skinny Puppy. Siana was 17 years old when she began. Skinny Puppy, for ... Read More »

Review: Figurine – The Hearfelt

Figurine is a long distance love affair, comprised of James Tamborello, better known as Dntel, or the guy from The Postal Service who who isn’t Ben Gibbard, and two faraway friends, Meredith and David. The three make their homes in Los Angeles, Cambridge and San Francisco, respectively, and The Heartfelt was pieced together of sound files sent to each other ... Read More »

The Mars Volta at The Greek Theater, Hollywood – June 4

Mars Volta vocalist Cedric Bixler-Zavala is a good dancer, and there’s plenty of Robert Plant in his vocal delivery. I like that. Both Cedric and, to stretch the metaphor, his Jimmy Page-esque guitarist counterpart, Omar Rodriguez-Lopez, have big round hair. I guess mentioning the hair is getting old hat, though, so I’ll just go on to say that The Mars ... Read More »

M.I.A.’s Arular

Rarely has a record been anticipated with as much hype as M.I.A.’s excellent debut Arular was before it was released in March. It was a little over a year before the record officially dropped when her first single “Galang” hit the internet, followed shortly thereafter by “Sunshowers”, and “Fire Fire”, and the web was buzzing with news of an exciting ... Read More »

All Hail The Mountain Goats: Reviewing The Sunset Tree

It’s a tough racket writing a review of The Mountain Goats latest masterpiece The Sunset Tree, mostly because, quite frankly, I respect head Goat John Darnielle too much to write a fat load of bogus assessment, to say nothing of any kind of speculation as to what he and his work are all about. Add to that the fact that ... Read More »

Bauhaus Totally Undead At Coachella

So, seminal goth rockers Bauhaus re-united for Coachella this year. As a devoted Bauhaus maniac back in the day, I was excited that they were on the bill, but I didn’t take it too seriously. I was pretty certain it would be a somewhat sad case of dusting off the old codgers and rolling ’em out for one last trip ... Read More »

Nine Inch Nails With Teeth: Trent Reznor Pulls Out Of The Tailspin

I’ve got to kick off this review by saying that I am positively dumbfounded by how many music critics just do not get this record. I have read so many reviews saying that all the familiar self-loathing and angst is back, and that could not be more untrue. People, this record features high-voiced crooning, prettily performed piano ballads and songs ... Read More »

Trent Reznor’s Uneasy Virtue: Looking Back on The Downward Spiral

In 1994, Nine Inch Nails auteur Trent Reznor totally disturbed my peace of mind with his full metal paean to self-loathing and destruction, The Downward Spiral. It was a somewhat shocking turn of events for me. I’d never been a fan of synth noodlers, had no interest whatsoever in industrial music, and was not habitually interested in guys who rocked ... Read More »