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Random Thoughts on Closer

I’ve been trying to digest Closer since I watched it this past Saturday. The more I attempt to digest it, the more I enjoy the movie and in turn, spurs me to try to make more sense of it. It’s an endless circle. [Warning! Some what of spoilers ahead] A big random thought about the film: I thought I sort ... Read More »


Another music recommendation. This one has a lot of bang to it. She’s RPM. I assume it has some sort of connotation to revolution but I have no idea what it really stands for, so whatever. One thing is for sure though, her entire promotion rides on her rebellious, anti-establishment image. Her songs are fairly typical nonconformist rants (as oxymoronic ... Read More »

The Reputation

So I’ve have recently found out about another decent musical talent. They’re called The Reputation. They sound like some other band, sort of, but I can’t quite pinpoint it. Either way, why should we label another band in comparison to another anyway? On the other hand, it may be helpful to know what type of music they seem to perform… ... Read More »

Garnet Crow – Jpop

At no point in life did I wish I understood Japanese more than I do now. I’m about 3-4 years behind in this discovery, but I am currently enamored with Garnet Crow. They’re considered a jpop band and their music is light and fluffy, but it is the voice and lyrics (not that I understand any of it) that differentiates ... Read More »

Tackling Hunger

Help fight hunger just by voting for your favorite NFL team. Read More »