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Music Review – ‘Many a New Day (Karrin Allyson Sings Rodgers and Hammerstein)’


Fronting an all-star duo, Allyson proves herself a creative force to be reckoned with. Read More »

Music Review: Rob Reddy – ‘Bechet: Our Contemporary’

Bechet 2

True to its title, the album honors the pioneering soprano saxophonist not by mere regurgitation like some, but by using his music for creative inspiration. Read More »

Book Review: ‘Dead Rapunzel,’ A Loon Lake Mystery by Victoria Houston

dead rapunzel

Like a good air conditioned movie, Dead Rapunzel and Loon Lake in winter make for ideal reading in the dog days of August. Read More »

Book Review: ‘Resorting to Murder: Holiday Mysteries’ ed. Martin Edwards

resorting to murder

"Resorting to Murder": The stories themselves are an uneven bunch with both excellent tales and some clinkers. Read More »

Music Review: Nicole – ‘Raizes/Roots’


Yiddish melodies in Brazilian dress, world music melded with Latin jazz—Raizes/Roots is an album that deserves your attention. Read More »

Music Reviews: Jazz Albums from Antoinette Montague, Jessy J, and Vincent Herring


Catching up with some recent jazz releases. Read More »

Book Review: ‘Black Chalk’ by Christopher J. Yates

black chalk

"Black Chalk", a psychological thriller, is a compelling read for a good two thirds of the way, but unfortunately the payoff is disappointing. Read More »

Music Review: Bill Evans – ‘The Complete Fantasy Recordings’ A Nine-Disc Box Set (Remastered)


Bill Evans is certainly one of the most influential jazz pianists of his era, and his work for Fantasy Records makes why abundantly clear. Read More »

Music Review: ‘Orange Is the New Black’s’ Lea DeLaria Sings David Bowie on ‘House of David’

Lea delaria

DeLaria is one stylish jazz singer with a voice belied by her television image. Read More »

Book Review: ‘High Country Nocturne’ A Thriller By Jon Talton

High Country Nocturne

'High Country Nocturne' is an exciting thriller that will make for an excellent summer read. Read More »