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Get away from the radio and MTV. Discover New and Free music at Amazon.

Download all of free music you can stand from Amazon! Read More »

Are You In China? Don’t use “Democracy in a title of something you produce or write”

China is still fighting the uphill battle against the growing World Wide Web. They now have technology that can specifically sensor on an article basis rather than blocking entire sites. Read More »

Why is Alexa on the backburner compared to Google.

It is in-depth, easy to use, and it provides better search results. Read More »

College Comity Launches Its Volunteer Initiative

College Comity is currently working on a plan to educate every college/university student on local, national, and international volunteer opportunities available to them. We have just started and are looking for any support at all, it does not matter if you’re a multinational corporation or just the common man. My plan is to gain 1. Sponsorship – Corporate or Non, ... Read More »

They’ve Got It In For AOL!

The goal is 1,000,000 and they will drop them in aol's parking lot. Read More »

No Need To Buy “New” Books For College

...I'm here to tell you what most college advisors will not, and that is, most college course books can be bought online and at dirt cheap prices. Read More »

World Wide XBOX Reveal Planned For This Week!

The new gaming system will be rocking Music Television this Thursday at 9:30pm in North America. Read More »

“Ubuntu” The new player in the Linux Community, and how to get your copy

The developers and the community are totally committed to their project. Read More »

Review: PC Magazine’s Top 100 Sites

This hand-picked selection of links makes the internet what it is. PC Magazines roundup of the top 100 sites is a quality piece of work. Read More »

ALF Season One DVD “Still funny even if he does eat cats”

Satiristical, family friendly, and hilariously funny. ALF, one of the greatest sitcoms that ever existed. Read More »